Red Bull Spirit – a CSR program to promote volunteering

The Red Bull Spirit CSR program aims to encourage volunteers and promote the volunteer spirit in Thai society.

In our capacity as CSR program manager for Red Bull Spirit, Siamentis worked with the client and local communities to create a number of volunteering opportunities suitable to the varied interests and time availability of different groups of volunteers.

CSR Programs that Enhance Brands and Create Social Impact
Concept and Development of the Red Bull Spirit CSR program

Our unique approach to integrate CSR programs management with communication programs has proven to be extremely effective. The success of the Red Bull Sprit CSR program is a case in point.

As CSR Program Manager, we helped to develop the volunteer program, identify and coordinate with partners (NGOs and community workers), and manage activities to ensure that volunteers take home fulfilling and rewarding experiences.

Examples of Volunteer Activities

As creative agency, we have been responsible for the development of the Red Bull Spirit brand and its identity, managing all aspects of its communication program (printed materials, commercials ads, etc.), including the development and maintenance of its website.

Since the official launch of the program in March 2008, the agency has taken the Red Bull Sprit CSR program from concept through to conception to become one of the most recognizable CSR brands in Thailand.

Our communication program aims to create awareness about Red Bull Spirit and volunteer opportunities open to the public, as well as to raise public awareness and create a better understanding of current challenges in Thai society, such as community forest issues, food security, and the issues faced by people with mental disabilities.

In October 2009, Media Asia ranked Red Bull Spirit TV commercials among the 15 most recalled TV commercials, standing shoulder-to-shoulder against some of the largest advertisers in Thailand despite its modest media budget. Siamentis is the creative agency responsible for the creative concept and production supervision of the TVC.

In December 2009, Media Asia published a story about building brands through CSR using Red Bull Spirit as a case study.

Our integrated approach to CSR program and communications management has created a wide-reaching positive social impact by attracting thousands of people to volunteer while generating public awareness and goodwill for the client and their brand.