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We offer a wide range of services to businesses and individuals. Below is a brief description of services we currently offer but please contact us if you have any questions, what we have here is more of a suggestion of what we can do.

We always work closely with our clients to tailor a solution that is specific to their challenges: some might be interested in just one of our services while other projects could require a combination, or something entirely new.

Instructional Design

Our instructional design services can produce many types of output. We have designed individual lessons, school curricula, camps, and workshops for our clients—ranging anywhere from an hour long to an entire year’s worth of activities. Subject matter has spanned across computer science, civics, and biology to innovation, communication, and healthcare. While we specialize in teaching students and teachers, we have also taught adults and elders outside of classrooms as well.

If you need someone to teach somebody else something, we can do it.

Multimedia Content Production

Whether it is a 15-second ad for Facebook or a 20-minute documentary, we produce our video content in-house—from developing the concept, to scripting, filming, editing, and post-production. We have produced video lessons for students, corporate interviews, and many nonfiction pieces covering a wide variety of subjects for universities and corporations.

No matter how difficult the subject, there is always a way to tell an engaging story.

Online Learning

Leveraging our video production expertise, we have been able to create online learning experiences that learners describe as on-par with scripted television programs. Our experience in instructional design and production has made us perfectly positioned to produce online learning experiences that are both informative and engaging for both students and adults.


We offer various forms of facilitation for our clients. Most commonly, our facilitation services are combined with instructional design expertise to deliver a complete workshop experience where we design its curriculum and facilitate the learning process. However, we have also facilitated working sessions for businesses and organizations, and moderated many discussion panels.


Research and Assessment

Sometimes, a set of facts to get everyone on the same page is necessary. While numbers and figures are necessary in any research, we specialize in qualitative, interview-driven research. We have conducted research projects to determine a problem, gain insight beyond observable behavior, assess effectiveness of intervention programs, or even as simple as authoring a primer for a complex subject.