BMA adopts “624” program to improve infant nutrition

Siamentis was tasked by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to roll out an intervention program to educate caregivers of 40,000 infants in 500 communities in Bangkok. The objective of the program is to improve the diet quality of infants and children in these communities.

Not unlike working mothers in other parts of the country, working mothers in Bangkok have to return to work soon after giving birth, leaving infants in the care of grandmothers. Communication materials designed as an intervention of the program will also be suitable for caregivers working in childcare facilities in the city as well.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is the first city government in Thailand which provides funding to adopt and roll out the “624” program to improve the quality of nutrition for infants in 500 communities in Bangkok.

The “624” communication program was designed as an intervention to create an understanding for caregivers about the importance of nutrition, and to provide them with the knowledge about food preparation and proper feeding practices. The communication program was developed as a joint project between Siamentis and the Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University. The design of communication program was funded by the Foundation of Thai Health Promotion.

Siamentis is responsible for the development and production of all communication materials for BMA. A redesign and some editing will be done to the original content to make the final materials more suitable for urban residents.

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BMA also has an established network of volunteer health workers who are instrumental to the implementation of healthcare programs in Bangkok. Siamentis joins with the Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University to run a training program for 1,200 volunteers to bring them an understanding about the program and the effective use of the materials designed.

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