Launching “Red Bull Spirit” CSR Program

Red Bull Spirit is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsiblity) program supported by The Red Bull Beverage Company Limited with an aim to promote volunteer spirit. Volunteer sprit has been increasingly cited as an important quality that needs to be promoted in the Thai society. Siamentis is the CSR program manager and manages all aspects of communications.

The Red Bull brand in Thailand has long been associated with corporate contribution. In the 1990’s, Red Bull was synonymous with “Green Isan” project, a massive program to alleviate water shortages in the Northeastern region of Thailand. For years, Red Bull has been providing funds to support the construction of schools by college students for needy communities and the promotion of sufficiency economy philosophy.

The Red Bull Spirit program has become the a well-known volunteer program in Thailand within a short space of time. The program was formally launched with a press conference at Siam Society on 24 March 2008. Red Bull provides direct financial support to a number of community and social projects, recruiting volunteers to work on these projects, and cover the costs of volunteer activities. The program is unique in Thailand for its participatory approach.

Red Bull Spirit program offers different kinds of activities to suit the availability and interests of volunteers. During the first three months of the program, several hundreds of volunteers helped building a clay building to be the community learning center, taking care of special athletes competing in Special Olympics game in Chiengmai, and joining in an arts therapy program in Ratchburi.

Siamentis is consultant to The Red Bull Beverage Company. We help develop the volunteer program, coordinate with the partners, and manage the activities to ensure that volunteers will take home fulfilling and rewarding experiences.

For the communications of the program, we develop the brand and its identity, create materials and manage all aspects of communications, including the development and maintenance of website. In addition to raising awareness about the Red Bull Spirit program and attracting volunteers, our communication program is also design to promote volunteer spirit in the Thai society.

We develop the creative concept for a 45-second TV commercial which went on air on 1 July to create a national awareness about the program and to attract volunteers to join.

Favourable responses to our communication program by the media and volunteers are very rewarding to our team and everyone involved in the program.