Red Bull Spirit TVC among the top 15 in Thailand: Media Asia

Media Asia ranked Red Bull Spirit “Our Hope” TV commercials among the 15 most recalled TV commercials, standing shoulder-to-shoulder against some of the largest advertisers in Thailand despite its modest media budget.

The 60-second TV commercial is the second in a series that went on air in July 2009. The ranking was published online in Thailand Adwatch Section in October 2009. Media Asia, in December, made Red Bull Spirit a case study for using CSR for brand building in Thailand.

Siamentis is the creative agency responsible for the creative concept and production supervision.

Enhancing Brands through CSR Communications

The success of the Red Bull Spirit “Our Hope” TV commercials?is a testament to our belief that strategic CSR communications can enhance brands and bring about positive changes to society at the same time.


Shooting of the TV commercial ?took place at four locations nationwide where volunteer activities had been held. ?Rather than using actors, the commercial featured actual community members. Gratuity to the communities for the TV commercial shooting went to respective village funds for community development.

For many of the audience, particularly in the strife-torn South of Thailand, the most memorable shot is the scene in front of a local mosque where a local Muslim woman teaches a young volunteer the traditional Islamic greeting.

With a modest budget, the TVC was on air for about 6 weeks between July and August 2009. ?During which time, the Red Bull Spirit CSR program became one of the most recognizable brands on television.

The Red Bull Spirit CSR program aims to encourage volunteers and promote the volunteer spirit in Thai society. The program started accepting volunteer applications in March 2008 to work in charitable and community projects all over Thailand. These projects are clustered around a number of key themes, such as conservation, caring for mentally-challenged children, and food security.

Siamentis also plays a role as CSR program manager to ensure that volunteers take home fulfilling and rewarding experiences. At the launch of the TV commercials, more than 5,000 volunteers have applied to join in the various activities.