Redesigning East Water

East Water or Eastern Water Resources Management and Development Plc (SET: EASTW) was established by a cabinet resolution in 1989 to be responsible for the supply of raw water to the Eastern Seaboard, a region fast becoming the hub of heavy industries in Thailand. For more than 15 years of operation, East Water has been supply water to sustain life and economic activities without disruption.

Siamentis is responsible for the design of a new corporate identity and a communication program to support the bold new vision of the company. From the core business of transporting water through underground pipeline network, East Water in future will offer its expertise in infrastructure development and management as services to both local and regional customers.

We design a new corporate identity to replace the old one which has been in used for 15 years. Visually, the new corporate identity represents the continuous exchange of water within the hydrosphere, between the atmosphere, soil, water, water surface, ground water, and plants. This cycle of water is known as the water cycle, or scientifically know as the hydrological cycle.

Water moves through each of these regions the by the processes of evaporation, precipitation, and runoff to the sea. Perpetual movement of water represents the energy and dynamism of the new East Water.

Exchange of water in the hydrosphere represents the organic and symbiotic relationships between East Water, the Eastern Seaboard community, and all other stakeholders.

Mobile Exhibition – East Water’s Capabilities and Expertise


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We design and implement a corporate communication program with a focus on corporate customers of East Water and investors. We develop creative materials both for print and television to highlight East Water’s expertise and its commitment to continuously develop its infrastructure to provide a reliable supply of water to sustain life and economic activities.

TV Dcoumentaries (in Thai) on East Water’s Water Grid and Expertise in Loss Reduction