SST Smart Storage

The launch of SST Storage is perhaps an example of how a new service brand could be introduced to the market with limited budget. Design and creative approach to communication plays a key role to create awareness among the most important target groups of the company, namely corporations and investors in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Sub Sri Thai Public Company Limited (SET: SST) is among the top 5 providers of document storage services in Thailand. The company originally provided warehousing storage and became more focused in the document storage business after recent change of shareholders.

Increasing demand for document storage saw new entrants, both local and international operators, entering the market. ?Intensified competition makes it necessary for SST to upgrade its brand image and create greater awareness among prospective customers.

Siamentis comes up with a new service brand – SST Storage, to reflect future direction of document storage services, such as online document retrieval, automated storage management. ?These new services require extensive upgrade of technology and service innovation.

With limited budget, the most cost-effective means to launch the new service brand is to create a new identity. Siamentis created a new identity for SST storage and applying the new logo on document storage boxes and delivery vans.

We crafted a news story around SST automated warehouse management and the robotic arm used to store and retrieve documents. The story attracted a lot of media attention and resulted in extensive coverage of the new service brand in print and on television.